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Never Misplace your Phone📱

Dropping a phone into the Abyss of holes in your car is a hassle. Making you do a full cardio workout just to find your phone or in most cases pull some seriously unsafe movements while driving on busy roads.

MGNET will be your Phones new Best Friend, and save you from Accidents, damaging your device and save you time from searching for your phone.

From the 72% of people in America who break their phones every year, 32% which is almost ½, break their phones simply from getting out the car dropping it, resulting from not knowing where they placed their phone.


  • Magnetic Connection– Fits all Phones, Universal
  • Not in your View – Unlike other phone holders MGNET is set on a Vent not actually blocking your view of the road
  • Endure+ – Tested over speed bumps and various terrains to make sure our mounts dont fail
  • Upgraded Magnets – Traditionally magnet mounts use 2, we have instead put 4 strong magnets to increase strength
  • Easy to Install – Place Metal on Device, Done
  • Easy Charging – A perfect design optimal for charging as well

When you’re on the daily hustle , a missing phone or searching for your phone is a time constraining process. Get MAGNET and always know where your phone is!

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